Branding, pitch deck, copywriting and website for a startup reimagining smart buildings.
Communications Design Consultant, Art Direction, Design, Branding, Copywriting
I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful design professionals over the years, and yet working with Caroline stands out. The best way I can put it is that Caroline has the usual ability to look into the soul of a company in order to tease out the essence of what the company is about.  That essence becomes the guiding light for Caroline’s prose and imagery.​​​​​​​
In the case of my company, Arctevity, we struggled with how to convey the sophistication of our solution without creating the impression that it is too complex for anyone to comprehend. Caroline understood this challenge even better than I did. And it shows as she led us to find the right words, the right images, the right diagrams, and the overall right look-and-feel that enables our audience to relate to what we do without being intimated by it. -- I continue to be impressed!

Thank you!
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